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to Mar 31

Deep Cellular Detox Workshop

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you are …

Struggling with fatigue, brain fog, and have trouble being productive

Having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up feeling unrested

Putting off working on your business or reaching out to clients and don’t know why

Join us at this 2 day workshop for solutions to these problems and gain instant tools to hack your biology and win!

Attend this workshop and:

Discover how these symptoms are impacting your success

Discover how to quickly reverse and continue to prevent these issues from hurting your success

Learn how to Hack your Biology and Neurology with my M.I.N.D. your H.E.A.L.T.H step by step strategies

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to Feb 24

Fire Up A Healthy Brain and Manifest Greater Prosperity

Dear Entrepreneur/Business Owner,

When was the last time you checked your brain’s well-being?

How do you know that your brain is healthy enough to support your business goals, aspirations and success?

I’ve put together a 3 day event to answer these questions and more for you.

This is an event like no other and I only do it 4 times a year. Join me and come learn how to Fire Up a Healthy Brain and Manifest Greater Prosperity.

In this 3 day workshop, you will:

$$$ Discover how your brain is functioning to support or hurt your business success

$$$ Discover how to start working with your own brain with my M.I.N.D. your B.R.A.I.N step by step strategies

$$$ Discover your Entrepreneurial Neuropersonality and how to harness this super powerful innate gifts for your business

At this event, we will be physically mapping your brain functions so you can receive your own brain functions and how they are impacting your business. Cost to attend covers the brain map.

** Brain Maps cost $1500 and are offered at this discounted rate at events only.

Bonus Presentation: My friend, Frank Macri, international speaker, business coach and founder of Speak More, Make More: Professional Speaker Academy will be speaking about The Energy of Money. In this presentation, you will learn:

$$$ the subconscious blind spots even the most savvy entrepreneurs make that repel success and how to avoid them

$$$ how to attract new clients and experience financial abundance in your business

$$$ A simple strategy to acquire the resources you need when finances are tight

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12:30 PM12:30

Your Brain On Business

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we often don't think about our personal hardware and software, our brains. Join Dr. Abiola on this webinar where she discusses "Your Brain on Business". In this webinar, she will share information on: 

  1. 3 areas of your brain primed to support your business success
  2. discover how those areas are supporting your business success
  3. steps to take to improve brain function
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12:30 PM12:30

Neurotoxins Are Costing You Substantial Income in Your Business

Join Dr. Abiola on this webinar where she discusses 5 signs of neurotoxicity and how they are impacting your business income. In this webinar, she will address:

  1. what are neurotoxins
  2. how neurotoxins mess up your business/financial success
  3. neurotoxic signs to look for
  4. steps you can take immediately to begin clearing neurotoxins from your work environment
  5. your individual neurotoxic load and its impact on your business/financial success
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